Not A Guru

What I Do


I have 8 years of door to door experience, 6 years of inside B2C/B2B sales experience and have studied the psychology of selling tirelessly. After becoming a top 1% income earner in the US as a normal salesperson, I successfully launched my first business, Stupar Sales Academy, successfully reaching hundreds of clients based on my reputation alone and without advertising. I'm currently not accepting new clients at this time.


Business owners and sales professionals know that being able to effectively convey their message in today's noisy world is more important than ever. I leverage unique storytelling perspectives, technology and video applications to get the point across to viewers and prospects. Helping others achieve a definite result through storytelling is my passion.


I've long understood the importance of leveraging technology in business - and have also been aware of the challenges that come along with it. I'm proud to be working with a much more tech-savvy business partner to create and innovate the future of heavy data business applications to enhance the sales processes in any industry or space. Development is a lengthy process but will prove entirely worthwhile.


The Big Question: Why??

When I first got into sales, I did it for the same reason most people do: to make money and establish some type of financial stability in my life. My competitive nature drove me to develop a tireless work ethic and a strict personal code of discipline that I've learned to leverage in order to achieve financial success and sign publicly traded Fortune 100 clients.

Making $500,000 and enjoying a 'do anything you want' lifestyle soon went stale. Getting out of my Porsche to walk into the office became harder and harder to do. I started desperately wanting to do something else: help others achieve similar results. I combined my unique and progressive approach to sales with my passion and ability to teach.

I know there are 'gurus', 'coaches', 'trainers' and 'experts' in this esoteric and crowded 'sales consulting' industry. So, what makes me different? The answer: VALUES.

Leaving a comfy $500,000+/yr commission-only sales job for a challenging entrepreneurial journey filled with uncertainty is a move you make when something matters to you more than money. 

My mission is to leave a positive impact on those I interact with - whether they pay me or not. 

'Care about the relationship with the client more than the client's money, and you'll never have to worry about money.'

-Jordan Stupar


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