The Follow-Up Black Book
The Follow-Up Black Book
The Follow-Up Black Book
The Follow-Up Black Book

The Follow-Up Black Book

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'Checking in' with customers is SO 1992 - so, STOP IT.

If you really want to bring deals back from the dead, schedule more appointments, create more opportunities, differentiate yourself from competitors and crush sales, you'll need this book, regardless of what you sell.

Printed on luxurious, velvety paper, this 50-page gem of a book will give you:

  • 31 Unbelievably Effective Follow Up Techniques
  • A Full Breakdown of Each Technique (so you know how to use them, when to use them in your sales process & who they work best with)
  • The Creative Process: Explained
  • Examples, Images & Additional Tips
  • How Often To Follow Up
  • When To Stop Following Up
  • How To Leverage Social Media (No, not just LinkedIn)
  • Much More!

The unique, entertaining and outside-the-box follow up approaches found is this book can be used in ANY industry, with ANY product, for ANY sales cycle and with ANY type of customer. 

This content inside this book has made me and many of my clients MILLIONS of dollars. Now it's YOUR turn.

Disclaimer: The follow up techniques in this book may lead to moderate or even severe income generation, shorter sales cycles and have been known to even help ordinary people date people way out of their league.

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